Stumble Guys Skins

Stumble Guys Skins has some unique taste. The skins with this game come with avatars too. There are six essential categories of skins in the video game.

A gaming skin is the appearance of any graphic character. Each game has its own set of skins. Usually, gamers categorize skins as premium and free. But, there is much more to group the skins. Sometimes, skin in a video game affects the gameplay. Some skins come with different abilities.

Stumble Guys Skins come with unique characters and abilities. The main categories by the skin are common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Special. Special skins in stumble guys are the most popular in the game, while common skins are very common.

The 4th category here is “Common.” Common skins are free in stumble guys. The most used skin in stumble guys is MR. STUMBLE. Mr. Stumble is free skin falls in the common group. You can get Rare and Epic skins free through the lucky spinner. But, Legendary skins are not available for free until you buy a stumble pass or use Stumble Guys MOD APK.

Here I will enlist all the skins with their group and explain each to my knowledge.

Common Skins In Stumble Guys

As described above, common skins are mainly free to use in the game. You can select any common skin offered to you for free at any time without buying a stumble pass or using diamonds.

Common Skins In Stumble Guys
  1. Mr. Stumble
  2. Ms. Stumble
  3. Nurse Annie
  4. Swimmer Barbara
  5. Private Plye
  6. Sailor Spinach
  7. Inmate 007
  8. Christiano Waldo
  9. Chef Gordon
  10. Pioneer
  11. Stumble James
  12. Chef Anthony
  13. Farmer Caleb
  14. Swimmer Bella
  15. Farmer Jeremiah
  16. Nurse Carita
  17. Swimmer Bea
  18. Kit Garson
  19. Gold Digger
  20. Miner George
  21. Miner Herber
  22. Old Mcbucket
  23. Yukon Sam
  24. Sailor Sam
  25. Fireman Torch
  26. Fireman Smokey
  27. Mobster Stu
  28. Stumble Julia
  29. Stumble Jill
  30. Luis Baller
  31. Inmate 613
  32. Oliver Kaan
  33. Nurse Joy
  34. Mr. Business
  35. Fireman Ash
  36. Sailor Sean
  37. Miner Mike
  38. Private Davis
  39. Colt Eastwood
  40. Thomas Score
  41. Farmer Eli
  42. Stumble Jack
  43. Stumble Jin
  44. Explorer

Uncommon Skins

Uncommon Skins in the stumble guys game are considered one step up from common skins. A total of 48 skins were added to this category. Furthermore, you can unlock several uncommon skins concerning time free.

Uncommon Skins List
  1. Winter Fancy
  2. Ranger King
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Ronia Nimblefoot
  5. Roberto Carlose
  6. Winter Sweet
  7. Stumble Mei
  8. Disco Dylan
  9. Pirate Morgan
  10. Mr. Fabio
  11. CyberPunk
  12. Pirate Seadog
  13. Mime Grimaldi
  14. Mimi Weaver
  15. Officer Dave
  16. Stumble Li
  17. Officer Lee
  18. Swimmer Blake
  19. Tex Miller
  20. Red Hood
  21. Blue Hood
  22. Stumble Mage
  23. Boxer Floyd
  24. Boxer Amin
  25. Ranger Walker
  26. Lionel Pessi
  27. Winter Blues
  28. Mime Rowan
  29. Boxer Mike
  30. Tourist Tyler
  31. Swimmer Bob
  32. Green Hood
  33. Officer Mark
  34. Disco Dan
  35. Viking Bjorn
  36. Punk Dude
  37. Stabby Kate
  38. Clown Fizbo
  39. Bert Flint
  40. Clown Ronald
  41. Clown Bozo
  42. HaralDson
  43. Erikson
  44. Tackler
  45. Beret Duke
  46. Quarter Back
  47. LineBacker
  48. BeretFlint

Rare Skins

As the name suggests, rare skins are infrequent compared to common and uncommon skins. During free spins, you have chances to get these skins free. With a stumble pass, you can get several Rare skins. Forty-two skins are available in this category as of the latest update of stumble guys.

List of Rare Skins in Stumble guys
  1. Bard Jaskier
  2. Bard Dandelion
  3. Olafson
  4. Diver Cameron
  5. StumbleBug
  6. Puppet
  7. Pink Alien
  8. Hen Solo
  9. Diver Cahill
  10. Willy Penguin
  11. Spring Beauty
  12. Panda Bear
  13. Enchantress
  14. Champion
  15. Pilot Flighty
  16. Pilot Crasher
  17. Pilot Hoover
  18. Rooster
  19. Podcaster Mia
  20. Streamer Sophia
  21. Silver Fox
  22. Swamp Troll
  23. Wheezy Penguin
  24. Wanderer
  25. Orange Martian
  26. Meridius
  27. Disco Daryl
  28. Crusader
  29. BigFoot
  30. Chicken
  31. Christmas Elf
  32. Blue Racer
  33. Stumble Witch
  34. Wizard
  35. Hatchling
  36. Gamer Gina
  37. StumbleBee
  38. Punk Rock
  39. Stumble Jun
  40. Sorcerer
  41. Decimus
  42. Sir Robin

Epic Skins In Stumble Guys

Epic skins are the most crowdy category. This category holds more than 50 skins. Each skin comes with a different taste. If you are proud of your luck, you might get it free through a lucky spin. Primarily these skins are included in the stumble pass. All these 50 Skins were unlocked in a mod known as Stumble Guys Hack.

Epic Skins In Stumble Guys
  1. Black Demon
  2. Blue Demon
  3. The Mountain
  4. Stumble Santa
  5. Chemical Corps
  6. Exterminator
  7. Dr. OddLove
  8. Lilith Nightshadf
  9. Black Bear
  10. StumbleNaut
  11. Deep Diver
  12. Monarch
  13. Grizzly
  14. Frost Yeti
  15. Lucky Flower
  16. White Cherry
  17. Bomboozle
  18. Berserker
  19. Samurai
  20. Maximus
  21. Nyx
  22. Athena
  23. Captain Noheart
  24. Ninja Higure
  25. Sly Raccoon
  26. Meow
  27. Sharptooth
  28. Dr. Neo
  29. Countess Stumbla
  30. Mr. Pig
  31. Emperor
  32. Lord Byron
  33. Ramesses
  34. Stumblebot Mkt
  35. T-Rex
  36. Red Fox
  37. MegaloDon
  38. Porkchop
  39. Black Knight
  40. Swamp Skeleton
  41. Chilly Penguin
  42. Chomper
  43. Ninja Ruy
  44. Loneshark
  45. Kiara
  46. Astronaut
  47. Scratchy
  48. TutanKhamun
  49. Stumble Bot MK2
  50. Dry Bones

Legendary Skins

The second most featured category of the skin in stumble guys is legendary. This group of skin has unique skins with an esteemed nature. Skins from this category are my favorite. Twenty-six skins are now part of this category. Players have a rare chance to win these skins free. But you can get these skins by reading our guide about how to get free skins in stumble guys.

Legendary Skins in Stumble Guys
  1. Dead Fred
  2. Banana Guy
  3. Jack Lantern
  4. Super Guy
  5. StumbleStein
  6. Brainy Brian
  7. Balkyrie
  8. Dr. Egg
  9. Red Demon
  10. Sisunaut
  11. Ninja Kai
  12. Hazmat NBC
  13. Polar Bear
  14. Red Panda
  15. Hatshepsut
  16. Stumblebtot MK2
  17. Crimson Skull
  18. Leonidas
  19. Stumble King
  20. Ragged Tooth
  21. Warthog
  22. Stumble Queen
  23. Marshmallow
  24. Shougun Master
  25. Goblin Mech
  26. Anubis

Special Skins in Stumble Guys

There is no freeway and ethical way to get Special skins in stumble guys. You have to buy these skins for gems or tokens. Special Skins is a minimal category with only four skins. You can get some of these skins through a stumble pass. Some gems generators claim to provide you with special skins, but all these are mock schemes.

Special Skins in Stumble Guys APK
  1. Capt. GoldHeart
  2. Inferno Dragon
  3. Dynamitron
  4. Sei Taishogun


Stumble guys has a variety of skins. All these skins ranged from free to premium. You can win common and uncommon skins easily through on-game schemes. The most common way of getting premium skins free is through a spinner.

Skins like legendary and Special are rare and may not be available in a lucky spin. If you are crazy about these skins, you have to purchase them. Playing long-term continuously may reward you with special skin.
Which skins do you love most and why? Write about your experience with getting these skin free in the comment section.