Stumble Guys in PS4

Currently, Stumble guys PS4 version is not available. The game is available for Android, iOS and Steam. However, we have added a PC version of Stumble guys to our archive. Be sure that playing this game on PC is only possible with emulator.

PS5, 4, Xbox Series and Nintendo switch player are on waiting list. The main thins is, Kitka games haven’t show intensions to bring this game to above mentioned consoles. Furthermore, the game is getting regular updates for android, iOS and steam.

It looks like they are not going to add this game to console coming years.

Stumble Guys PS4, PS5 or Xbox series console

Alternatives of Stumble guys in PS4

In consoles like PS4, PS5 or Xbox there are a lot of game similar to Stumble guys. The closet one is Fall Guys.

Some fall guys players claim that stumble guys is a copy of fall guys, but that not true. Stumble Guys comes up with their own idea. If some features of two game are matching doesn’t means that one copied the idea of another game.

Falls guys game like stumble guys available in different consoles. Any alternative of stumble guys in PS4 may not satisfy you. and Run Race 3D are another alternatives of this game. What you can do right now is wait for a official response to this question. Till then you can play any of the above alternatives. If you are in search of a mod we have best stumble guys hack app here.


Right now stumble guys is serving Android, iOS, and Steam. Even the developer company haven’t showed any interest in launching this game in console. They may not even planning on this.

Stumble Guys is one. There is no another game like it. If you are stumble lover then no any other game is going to satisfy you. However, Run Race 3D, and Fall guys are a bit similar to stumble guys.