Is Stumble Guys Down

Some people asking on different forums that stumble guys Down? Loading issues of the game are not necessarily the issues of server down. Many other events resist the game launch. The issues could be with your mobile phone, Internet connection, or even the game version you have installed on your device. Here in this post, we will discuss issues of Stumble guys while loading.

History of Server Down of Stumble Guys

Down dedicators and users on forums posted about the server down the issue of stumble guys Several times. The most recent incident happened on 29 September, when different users around the globe reported Login and ping issues. According to officials of the game, the server was down for some time. However, they didn’t mention any reason for this down facing the players. The official Twitter account twitted earlier that “Servers are experiencing some issues. Currently, we are looking into it.”

Before this, A global outage was seen in the earlier months of 2022. Minor and local server down issues of any game is common. Users reported that they are facing login issues. Meanwhile, some users from different locations said the game crashed, and the loading screen stuck out of the game.

Common Issues That Stumble Guys players face

We have collected data from the different forums about the common issues players face during downtime. These issues are not related to servers; some are purely server-based glitches. Sometimes this could happen due to outdated Stumble Guys MOD APK. To download the MOD, Navigate to the home page; if you need the original version Below, I have mentioned instructions; get it from the play store.

  • Check for update in your play store.
  • Slow Internet connection always led to a crash of Game.
  • My game is stuck on the loading screen, and I can’t.
  • During the match, I’m facing several disconnect issues.
  • My game suddenly crashes after I qualify or when the round ends.
  • On the elimination screen, it just crashes.
  • I bought the stumble pass on pc, and my skin and emote are not working.
  • Game Crash when I won a round and went to the next round!
  • The game keeps crashing after the first round.
  • Stumble guys login failed problem. I am trying to login into my account. I uninstall the game still, but the issue is the same.
  • I’m unable to purchase stuff.
  • Join the party with a friend is not working for me this time. When I click on the “Starter Pack” or the “Epic Offer,” the game doesn’t proceed. Is it due to the server down of Stumble guys, or is it just a cache issue in my system?
  • Every time I load the app (with Wi-Fi or data), it says, “login failed. Try again later.” Then when it finally lets me in for whatever reason, and I play a match, after the game, it says “cannot connect to the lobby,” and I don’t get my rewards for that match. I have lost tons of crowns and patience since the prizes are the whole point of the game.

If you are facing similar issues in Stumble, guys, go and write us in the comment section. If you need free skins and diamonds, you can read about Latest Stumble Guys redeem codes.

Solutions To Stumble Guys crash.

It’s very frustrating to see a loading screen of your favorite game. It becomes much more stampede when it takes more time than usual. If you are facing the same issue with stumble guys and want to get rid of the problem, below are some solutions that may work for you.

Update Your APP

Most common issue is using an outdated version of the game. In this case stumble guys stuck and crash after every round. The solution to this problem is to update the game through play store. If you are using MOD Version you can download it from our site. To update through Play Store, open play store in your mobile >Manage apps & device > update apps. Here you will find a list of apps that needs an update. scroll and locate Stumble guys and tab on update button.

Clear Cache

The cache is helpful yet very irritating when it caches a bug. Clearing cache is one of the top solutions to common crashes and bugs. Local bugs can only be removed by removing cached data. To clear the cache, follow the following instructions.

  1. Locate the settings icon and go with it.
  2. You will find “APPS” proceed to apps by taping on it.
  3. Now click on manage apps from the list
  4. A list of apps will appear; select stumble guys from the list.
  5. On top of the list, you will find Storage go with it by a tab.
  6. On the bottom of the screen, you will see clear data option. Do clear by selecting precise all data.
  7. Restart your phone to see changes.

Uninstall Stumble Guys

If somehow the app crashes and is unable to recover itself, multiple solutions exist: uninstall stumble guys. When you uninstall the APP, all its remaining go trash. Then it can be reinstalled to eliminate the Stumbles Guys Server down the issue. To uninstall the APP, you must long-press the APP icon. You will see there remove option in red. Tab on the remove option, and you have uninstalled the APP.

Time needed: 4 minutes

Do you know uninstallation of the APP may not work for you if you don’t delete the APK from your device? To delete an APP from your Android Device, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Play store

    In this first step, you must go to the play store option and locate your play store icon on the top right, as shown in the image.Home screen of Play store

  2. Manage APPs

    When you tab on the avatar of your Play store, the following screen will appear. You must click on the Manage apps option, as highlighted in the app manager

  3. Overview of APP Management in Play store

    Here in this step, you will see two options on the top of the screens, Overview and Manage. First, you have to tab on the manage button, and you will see two options; Installed and not installed. Click on not installed as shown in the picture.
    Not installed apps in mobile

  4. Not Installed APPs and Games in Mobile

    Tab on not installed, and you will see a screen where not installed apps will appear. On the right side of the APP, you will see Games. Select the game, and you will see stumble guys in the list. Delete the game from there too. Now you have successfully removed the game from your mobile phone.remove game permanently from android

Reinstall Stumble Guys APK

After the successful removal of Stumble guys from your phone; Now it’s time to reinstall the new version of the APK. For this purpose, you can visit the official Play store. But, If you want to Download Stumble Guys MOD APK, We have the best versions. The best MOD options are Irgi Terbaik stumble guys or Glitch MODs stumble guys.


Sometimes we experience login issues, get stuck on the loading page, and skins not working or purchasing becomes a headache. This doesn’t mean that Stumble Guys is down or something related to their servers. The most common issue can be the cache of your mobile phone. Glitches in the app can also create troubles. Clear the cache or reinstall the app to eliminate these issues.

Suppose both options don’t work for you. It is probably happening with all the users. The issue can be a Server down of Stumble Guys or a wide range of crashes in the APP. In this case, you don’t need to panic and let us know your issue in through comment section. And wait till the developers of the game clear the problem.