Rarest Skin

Stumble guys is famous for its unique and awesome skins. This game has more than 120 different skins categorized into 6 groups. Among these all, which is the rarest skin in stumble guys? Let’s dig into it.

With a very low probability of getting it, Inferno Dragon is the rarest skin in stumble guys in 2022. You may have noticed that only some Players get this Inferno dragon skin. The reason behind this is the group it belongs to. Inferno Dragon skin belongs to the Special skins group in stumble guys.

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Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Special are the top 6 categories of stumble guys skins. Skins in the common group are the most common. Skins in the special category are the rarest skins in stumble guys.

A total of 6 skins are part of the Special category. These are Frozen Valkyrif, Capt. GoldHeart, Inferno Dragon, Sei Taishogun, Amethyst Nyx, and Dynamitron. All these skins are very rare. One few people can get such skins. Among these skins, the rarest one is Inferno Dragon, and the second rarest is Frozen Valkyrif.

Rarest Skin in Stumble Guys 2022
Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon Rarest Skin In Stumble Guys

The Inferno Dragon is skin Dragon shaped skin. With curve Horns on the head and swallow eyes, the Front teeth are out of the mouth. Two wings are always open and ready to fly, and both hands and feet contain long nails. Suppose we talk about the color combination of this skin. Inferno Dragons’ front side is yellowish white, and the remaining part is Light rust.

Using Inferno in Stumble guys has a different level of enjoyment. When I first got this, my excitement level reached its peak. Do you own this skin? If yes, how and when you got this, and if you still need to get this rarest skin of stumble guys, try again. Tell us your experience with this skin in the comment section.