Stumble Guys Internet Data Usage

Every game you play online consume your internet, that you pay for. If your package is based on usage you should considered which app uses most of the internet. Here we will discuss about Stumble Guys Internet Data Usage.

When you play stumble guys on android, iOS or on steam, This app use your data bundles. To figure out how much data does stumble guys use? We start monitoring data usage by app. What we have found is mentioned in this below chart.

Stumble Guys Internet Data Usage Chart

Total Data Consumed7.14 MB
Total play time10 minutes
Total Matches Played2
Data consumption per match3.54 MB
Data Consumption per minute714 KB

During this experiment of data usage calculation, I have used android. If you are using any other platform like Stumble guys in PS4, Steam or iOS, the results may be different. Our study is based on different researches and shared here results that we got from most of the devices and ISPs.

Sometimes, different internet services providers show different usage stats. Even monitoring APPs and tools can show different statics of data usage. Be sure, this is not the final and 100% accurate for your device.

Stumble Guys Internet Data Usage

How to check Internet usage of Stumble guys on android

You can check the usage stats yourself. If you are android user follow below mentioned steps and you will find out how much internet data does stumble guys use.

  • Go to setting in your android phone.
  • Navigate to Connections.
  • Here you have to select Data Usage.
  • Next select Mobile Data usage from the list.
  • Scroll down to find the stumble guys.
  • Note the internet data usage of stumble guys till now.
  • Go and play one match with stumble guys app on your device.
  • Again go to mobile data usage and check stumble guys details
  • Subtract old numbers with new, and you will find the data consumption.

A lot of people ask me in comments does Stumble Guys use a lot of internet data? In my opinion, this Video game uses less data then other games. With a great Graphics and high resolution gameplay scenes stumble guys is using less data as compare to other games.


Stumble Guys Internet Data Usage is slightly less as compare to similar apps, games. This game comes with high resolution graphics with music and other interactive features. Still, this game uses 714 KB per minutes.

On average stumble guys uses 40 to 50 MB per hour. If you are using a nearby server you might get some benefit from it. Choosing a server that is away from you can cause high data consumption. New Update in stumble guys can increase or decrease the usage rate.