Free Gems In Stumble Guys

Gems are the credits in any game that can be used to purchase the game’s premium products. We can say that every game has its own currency. In stumble guys, Gems is the currency to buy things from their shop. The tricky part is you have to purchase Gems with fiat currency. But, there are some techniques through which you can get gems free. Here in this read, we will discuss how to get free gems in Stumble Guys in 2022.

Earn Gems in Stumble Guys

Earning gems in stumble guys is one of the most popular ways. Every player of the game is earning through these techniques. Be sure that buying gems is the fastest way. Below, I have explained free methods that are not as fast as buying.

Lucky Spinner

Lucky spinner in stumble guys is a prominent way of getting gems, skins, and other premium stuff. The winning ratio of gems is highest as 45% of every spin stops at an offer of Gems. Every day you can use the spinner one time. You must watch a sponsored video in their shop section to unlock more than one spin.

You have to open your Stumble Guys APP to get an extra spin on it. Now you have to navigate to SHOP. In the shop section, you will see Free Prizes. Click on the free button, and the spinner will start spinning. You will win a small number of Gems or a skin on the first try. Collect your reward, which will send you back to the shop page. Here you will see Free on some stuff. Click on the free button and click on the watch video option. You have to watch 20,40 seconds of a video. Next, you will see an unlocked Spinner again. Try your luck again.

I’m sure this trick is going to help you not only getting gems or skins, but also you can win Tokens.

Hack Stumble Guys to Get Unlimited Gems

Using a hacked version of stumble guys to get unlimited gems is not new. From the very initial days, many players use Stumble Guy MOD APK to get infinite gems in stumble guys. What you need to do is find a great MOD of the game. Well, we have enlisted some working MOD of Stumble Guys. Choose a MOD and download it. Now remove the already installed APP on your device. Once you have uninstalled the existing APP, you must install the APK downloaded from our site.

In this package, you will not only get unlimited free gems. But, you will get all the skins unlocked, and other features you need to buy will be free. Be sure that the Officials do not recommend this way of getting free gems.

Live Streaming To get Gems.

Live Streaming of gaming to get the reward from viewers is not new. You can get unlimited Gems in Stumble guys, by streaming your game live. While streaming, you are not limited to getting gems; you can also get some other stuff. Streaming is only beneficial if you manage to get viewers.

Redeem codes

Redemption of Stumble Guys to get free Gems is a viable way. You can get redeem codes of Stumble Guys from our website too. You need to redeem the code, and you will get some gems from there. This way of getting gems is not very popular yet very useful. You need to find redemption codes and put that into your ID.

Fake Ways to Get Free Gems in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a new game and very popular among players. Different scammers started binge schemes to steal your data. We have shared all the possible ways to get free gems. Our team is also looking for other possible ways and will share with you in this article if we find any. You must remember that if any site or tool asks you to provide your data, including your email and game ID, they are fake and stealing your data. Using MODs like Glitch MODs for stumble guys is better than Providing your data to fake people


There are several ways of getting a gem in the game. The proven method includes lucky spinner, Hacking the game, Redeem codes, and Going live stream. Most of the gem generator tools are fake. Try the above ways to enjoy the free stuff without investment in the game. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other way.

FAQs about Free Gems

How to get free Gems in stumble guys?

Most common ways to get free gems in stumble guys are Lucky spinner, Redeeming codes, Live stream the game and hack the game to get gems.

What is the best way to get gems in stumble guys?

Well, if you want to get free gems in a decent way, the best way to get gems is through Lucky Spinner. You just need to play the game for long time and watch video ads in the game, you will be rewarded with a spin. Though it you can get gems.

Do gems generators in stumble guys work?

Not really, gem generators in stumble guys are fake ways by some websites through which personal data of users are collected. Don’t waste your time and personal data.

How do I get unlimited gems in stumble guys?

The concept of unlimited gems in stumble guys come from mods. Only mods provide unlimited gems. Use of mods is unethical and we don’t recommend the use of mods.

Can I get free gems in stumble guys PC version?

On PC you can play stumble guys through emulator. Technically, you are using same APP. So, try lucky spinner, MOD apps, or go live stream to get gems free.

How to use my Gems in the game?

The use of gems in the game is very easy. You just need to open the game and navigate to the Shop. There you will see different items to buy with price on it. Just tab on the product and you will get it for the number of gems mentioned there.