Hide Name In Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys players were wondering if we could hide our names in the game. After researching the question, we have found some technical ways through which you can now hide your name in the game.

Here is a guide for those wondering how to change name in stumble guys.

Well, we have two cases. Whether you want to hide your name from other players or all the names of players that are showing in your game field, we have different options and possibly different apps for each case.

We will use Mod of stumble guys to hide our name from the other players. And to hide players’ names in our gameplay, we need to change the setting of our App.

Hide Players Name in Stumble Guys Match

Hiding a player’s name in stumble guys is relatively easy. A simple three-step process will hide all the names of players you can see during the match.

Step 1: Launch the stumble guy APK.

Step 2: Find the setting icon on the top right and go with it.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom, find the “Player Names” option, and turn it off.

Now, go back to the lobby and tap on the start button. Check if the names are hidden or not. If you haven’t made any mistake, the name will disappear.

Hide Your Name in Stumble Guys Match

You must use a mod version of the game to do this. I recommend you go with Irgi Terbaik Stumble guys Mod for the stumble guys. Download and install this version of stumble guys and follow the below steps. Your name will not appear in the game.

  • Open the stumble guys mod app.
  • You will find your name with an edit icon on the right top.
  • Tab on the edit icon and go with the name change field.
  • You must remove your name and press ok with an empty field.
  • This will back you to the lobby, where you will see an edit button only without the name.
  • Go and play a game; no name will be associated with you.
Hide your name from stumble guys players

The drawback of this method is that; you will see these changes only in a single match. You have to repeat the process in every game.

If you are using my recommended mod, you will probably be getting unlimited free gems in stumble guys, so there will be no issue changing your name again and again.


In this article, we have discussed the ways of hiding your name in stumble guys. Both methods are tested and working fine. If you were looking for a Name color change in stumble guy, this guide is for you. At one point in this guide, we discussed a mod of this game. However, using a mod is not ethical.