Get Bot Lobbies

Officially no any game mod is available where you can get bot lobbies. Players itself try different strategies to get high number of bots as compare to real players.

Some people still doubt that if stumble guys is a real players based or all we tie with are bots. This game is not purely based on AI and nor all the player you play with are bots. In every match you face some bots.

You can check the number of bots in stumble guys match.

bots lobby in stumble guys

Tricks to Get Bot Lobbies

There are several tricks to get a lobby full of bots. The question is why a real player want to play with bots? A simple answer to this is, they want to win crown. Winning a crown in Stumble guys is not a child’s play. But if you are playing it with bots. you can win every match easily.

Playing With Friends

If you want to play a match in stumble guy with bots, you have to add one of your friends to the game. This trick of getting bots lobby is very old yet very effective too.

Go and create a party. Send the party code to your friend. When your friend join the party start the match instantly. You and your friend will be playing with bots.

Bots in stumble guys are not as powerful as human players. You can win some crowns through this method. Only your friend will be your competitor and the rest is AI bots.

Create a Party to Get Bots in game

By following the below steps you will create a party and can get bots lobby. Be sure that, this technique mostly works in Asia, and Indian servers. You have to change your server to one of these.

  • Launch the game.
  • Go to the party option available on the screen.
  • Here you have to go with create party.
  • Wait a minute and send the code to player who want to join this game with you.
  • Once a firend of you joined the game tab on play button.
  • You will get all the bots along with your friend.

How to get bot lobbies with single device

Above we have discussed about getting bots lobby with the help of friend, but here will get bots lobby without any friend.

Create clone of any app on android an easy task. You can create clone of your stumble guys app and get bot lobbies to win multiple crown.

  1. Go to play store and search for clone app
  2. Select any clone app of your choice and download it.
  3. Now make clone of stumble guys.
  4. With that clone create a party and join that with your real account.
  5. Ignore the clone and play with your account.
  6. Only you are rest is bots.


If you are unable to win a crown in stumble guys due to pro players participating in the game. We have discussed some techniques to get bot lobbies. These different methods will help you wining a crown among no real player.

The most used and easy technique is to get bots in stumble guys game is to play it with friends. Furthermore, creating a party is another great way to get bots lobbies. If you don’t want to play with your friends you can clone stumble guys APK easily with the help of Clone apps.