Clan in Stumble Guys

A clan is a community or a group of players who play the game together to boost their skills. In other words, a clan is a club for video gaming, like Real Madrid, Spain, SSC Napoli, Italy, and Bayern München Germany in the football world. We have Harshtatsuya, B To Y Gaming, Exo Extrodus sg clan in stumble guys, etc. Clans can be small or large. Every player who wants to create a clan can do it. One of a clan’s top benefits is to participate in tournaments organized by the official game. This guide will discuss a step-by-step process to create a clan in stumble guys and how to invite the player to join your clan.

You can check here the list of top 10 clans in stumble guys.

The purpose of creating a clan in any game can be different. Like we have a clan, and our clan members are our friends. We were organizing our friends who were playing stumble guys. In that specific clan, no strangers are allowed. Some clans aim to create a big community of players who share their achievements and can interact with strangers who love to play stumble guys. Some clans only add pro players. Country-based Stumble guys clans are also very popular in this game.

How to Create a Clan In Stumble Guys

In the stumble guys APP, there is no option to create a clan. Officially, the app doesn’t support clans; the only option available is Party. However, players and lead lovers have managed to develop clans through third the party site Discord. Discord is a social platform famous for grouping. We will learn here to create a clan through discord.

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to create account
  3. Complete the form by entering the required information.
  4. Click on the continue button.
  5. Proceed to create servers in the left center.
  6. Choose a gaming template from the list.
  7. Select “For a club or community.”
  8. Write your clan name in the text field (Server name).
  9. Choose a photo that represents your clan.
  10. Click the create bottom at the end.
  11. Now click on Invite your friends from the list of options.
  12. You will see a link to copy. Please copy the link and send it to your friends.
  13. If your clan is public, share your link in the comments below.
Clan in Stumble Guys

Join Clan in stumble Guys

The clan’s discord link is essential to join any clan of stumble guys. If you got the link, then create an account in discord. To create an account, follow the steps mentioned above. Once you create an account in discord, go to the link discord. You will be redirected to a page with the button “Accept invite” click on it, and you are now part of the clan you want to be. Here is the link to a clan we have created for testing purposes.

After joining a clan in stumble guys, you have to change your name in the game with the name of that clan. For a change of name, you need 100 gems; we have shared some cool tricks to get stumble guys free gems.

List of Stumble Guys Top Clans

Millions of player play stumble guys per month. There are a lot of clans that players create to make a circle of a similar mindset. If you are looking for some links to join clans, we have enlisted here. If you are a clan owner, you can share your link with the player in our comment section.

Clan NameClan Link
Viper Clan VP (International)
X7 Clan (International – English)
95 Clan (Germany)
ARC – All Rounders Crew (Beginners )
LSG – Living Stumble Gods (English)
KH – King Hood (Low requirements)
Aspect Speed – AS
Loz Stumble Clan (English)


Creating a clan in stumble guys is an excellent way of uniting people. You can create a local and international clan according to your preference in Discord. Creating a clan and managing it in a good way is not Child’s play. We have explained some great tips to create and maintain clans for the stumble guys game; if you are looking for a group of people to share your experiences in the stumble guys, join any server from the above list.