Change Name in Stumble Guys

My father chooses my real name. My family declared my name when I was hardly 5 to 7 days old. Now I’m in my 20s. I have the right to choose a name for my digital appearance. Since I started playing stumble guys, I have used my real name. Today I have changed my name. How did I do this? Let’s dive into how to change the name in stumble guys.

Suppose you are changing your name first time in the game. It’s free. You need to follow the step-by-step guide for free. But, if you have changed it once before, you may not be able to change it for free.

The second time a name change in stumble guys cost you 100gems. If you don’t have any gems, don’t waste your time on this post. Read about getting gem free in stumble guys.

Furthermore, the length of the name stumbles guys is 4 to 12 characters long. When you set a name under 4 characters, it doesn’t save it. Similarly, adding a longer term than 12 characters will deny the change. A perfect name for stumble guys is 5 to 8 characters.

When you choose a name under eight characters, the remaining space can be used to add a clan name. You must add a clan name in your nickname section when you join a clan. A longer name can cause trouble there.

Change Name in Stumble Guys

Change Name in Stumble Guys

The process is quite simple and easy. This guide will take you 1 minute.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. On the left top, you will see your name with a pencil icon. Click on that icon
  3. Your profile will appear on the screen whit an option to edit your name.
  4. Tab on the edit icon and remove the existing name.
  5. Type your new name in the text field.
  6. Click on the change now button or the 100 gems button.
  7. You have done it!

This short process will change your nickname in stumble guys. Whether you are using PC, Android, or iOS, this process is the same for all. Now, what if someone wants to change the name color? Well, changing name color in stumble guys is not possible. We have seen some fake techniques claim to change the red color of their username.


Changing names in the video gaming community is a common thing. In stumble guys, most people change their name when they join any clan. When you enter a clan, you must add the clan name to your profile. Be sure; if you are changing your name for the first time, it’s free.

But next time, you will have to pay 100 gems or equal tokens to rename your profile. If you haven’t yet joined any clan, you should join a clan and add the name of the clan to your profile and edit your name. Otherwise, you will have to pay 100gems.

This platform always share tips and gameplay ideas about stumble guys. If you are looking for name tricks Hide name in stumble guys is an amazing blog to read.