Change Color of Name

I have seen some YouTube videos and articles discussing the change of name color in stumble guys. Some tutorials claim to provide a real solution to this fantastic feature. Our team and I have struggled considerably and tried multiple techniques to apply the changes in the name. In the end, we involved a developer in checking if any dev could make it possible to turn the white color of the name to red. What were the results of our struggle in this article?

Well, there is no way to change the Name color in the gameplay. You only can change the color of the name in your profile section. The fake videos on YouTube also trigged me with varied colors of name in the game’s lobby. Don’t waste time, and don’t try creepy ways to change anything in the game. Most of the tricks don’t go to work. All people want is a watch time and a site visit of yours. Even we reach the stumble guys help to know more about this.

Stumble Guys Name Properties

Like other games, stumble guys offers a variety of name characters. You can use a different special character to make a unique name. Various name generator tools are available in the market to help you get a customized, unique character-based name. Secondly, the stumble guys name is limited to 12 characters long. You can not exceed your name characters by more than twelve. The minimum name length in the game is four characters. One has to create a Name between four to twelve characters in length.

The first name change is free in the game. If you try to change your name in the stumble guys, you have to pay 100 gems per change. Don’t waste your gems in a fake color change scheme. You can check our guide about getting free gems in stumble guys if you need to get some free gems.

Change Color of Name

Fake Ways to change Name Color

When we use a tag to change the color of the name, it shows an error stating your name is short or more prolonged than twelve characters. When we use style tags like <color=red>, this entire code takes 11 characters of space in the name. The remaining is one character, and a single character name is impossible as we know that we can’t create a name shorter than four characters. Hence, the dev color property failed. Next, when we use hex code to change the color. Hex is also six digits long code, and we will get 11 characters again. The result is the same.

Some other people use change single quoted number to change it. Assume you are trying to get a red name in stumble guys. You have to put a number surrounded by square brackets. All these ways will waste your gems and time.

Is there a way to change the name color in stumble guys?

Yes, You can change your name color to red in stumble guys. There are different ways to do this. A common players can use Stumble Guys MOD APK to change the name color. Another way to do this is by streaming and getting thousands of subscribers and views on YouTube. A 5K Subscribers landmark is enough to get a red name in stumble guys. If you are stuff at Stumble Guys, you will get Orange color on your name.

How To Get Red Name In Stumble Guys

While playing stumble guys, We come across players with red name. These players are very special to officials at Kitka Games. The question is who they are and how to got this feature enabled on their account. The red named players in stumble guys are youtubers who promote stumble guys on YouTube. Not every youtuber is able to get it. If a youtuber with more than 5K subscribers can get red name in stumble guys.

If you are thinking about getting a red name in stumble guys, first need to get 5K subscribers in your YT Channel. Then, officials will change your name to red.

Another way to getting, a red name is using mod. This method is not recommended. As, there is a chance you may banded from the game if detected.


The name color change option in stumble guys is not yet possible. We have gone through different techniques to do this so far. Officially or unofficial, there is no any way to do it. No mod of this game is offering such a service. If you are still curious about this feature, keep visiting us. We will let you know whenever such a part comes to our knowledge. We are always looking for this feature and will be looking for it. I will share with you when we solve to change the name color in stumble guys.