Can’t Login Stumble Guys

Have you noticed that stumble guys are pushing updates very fast? After a year of release, stumble guys were handling only a few thousand players. After that, the players’ graph goes up, with 100M+ active installations. So, what is the connection between these two, and how will we resolve the issue of Can’t login in stumble guys?

We know that stumble guys are struggling with server management and minor bugs in the game. That is the reason they are pushing updates every week. Every problem in this game is not related to the server or stumble guys is down. Many times the issues can be locally based on your device. We can’t resolve Bugs in APP and server-side issues in the APK. But, we can check if any problem is with our mobile phone.

Can’t login Stumble Guys Reasons & Solutions

The issues we usually face when launching Stumble Guys APK on our android Mobile or PC are not more than 5. The data we have gathered here is from different social platforms and stumble guys enthusiasts posted in the comment section.

Can’t Login Stumble Guys Screen

Check for Updates

As described earlier, stumble guys push updates very quickly. Sometimes play store apps don’t update games, and manual action is needed to update your game. To check for an update, navigate to the play store > tab on your account Avatar/picture. A dropdown will appear. Tap on the manage apps and device. You will see a list of updates. Check if A new update is available. To update, tap on the app icon and click the update app option. To update stumble guys mod apk, visit our site homepage and select the mod you use to check if updates are available.

Clear Cache to Resolve Can’t Login issue in Stumble Guys.

The cache is one of the outstanding features of android. Sometimes this excellent feature becomes a headache when it caches something this sucks. If you Can’t Login in Stumble Guys, you might have some cache issues. I would suggest clearing the game’s cache by following the steps below.

  • Open Setting and navigate to device settings
  • Select Apps from the list
  • Now scroll to find Stumble Guys
  • Tap on stumble guys and select the storage option.
  • At the bottom, you will find two buttons clear data and clear cache.
  • Tap on them one by one.

This is how you can clear the cache of any app on your android device. Here you have to be very careful about your login information. Once you remove the cache, you will lose all the login data saved on the device. First, copy the login information of stumble guys and then go with this option.

Change Your Internet Connection

Sometimes a network cache creates troubles while login into the game. If this is not the case for you, you might have a slower connection issue. A slow connection can’t create a link with a database of the stumble guys, which results in a login failure. The solution to both problems is to change your network temporarily. If you are using data, turn it off and shift your device to WIFI. Ask for a nearby person’s hotspot and check if the issue remains. If the problem has gone, it means you have a connection issue. Let the connection be stable in an hour to resolve this issue, or contact your ISP.

Reinstall the Game

Sometimes android creates problems, and we can’t resolve the issue until we altogether remove the file and reinstall it. For this purpose, you have to uninstall the stumble guys APP. To uninstall apps from your mobile, follow this below-mentioned how-to process.

  1. Open the play store app on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap on your profile icon
  3. Go to manage apps and device option
  4. Tap on the stumble, guys.
  5. Tap on uninstall.

Now you have uninstalled the game from your mobile phone. To reinstall it on your device, go to the play store and install the APP. For the mod apk, you are always welcome to get it from our site.


Stumble guys is getting massive attention from the gamers community. Millions of new players are now part of this game. It’s tough for the team to handle the server. However, they are doing their best and resolving issues daily. We can’t fix the server site issue, but we can handle it if the problem is local.

The most common issue players face nowadays is Can’t log in to their Stumble Guys account. The root causes of this issue might be not the updated version is installed, a cached glitch by your phone, or you are struggling with your internet connectivity. I hope these solutions, as mentioned earlier, have helped you. Let us know which of the above helped you get rid of the login problem in the game through the comment section.