Block Dash stumble guys

Block Dash is favourite map in stumble guys. This map lies in Don’t fall category. Where you have to survive till others fall.

Every map in this game has some unique taste, but Block Dash has some great joy in it. While playing match in this game, a different excitement you will feel.

You may get a chance to play block dash stumble guys in second round. Sometimes, this map appears in third and final round. The gameplay in this map is very tough. Due to its toughness, Block Dash is the favourite map among all the maps in stumble guys.

The basic composition of this map is simple. A flat surfaced plank designed with blocks. Edges of left and right side of the plank is closed with the laser lights. Total 240 blocks lie on plank surface. 12 blocks horizontally, and 20 blocks vertical aligned.

Block Dash map in stumble guys

GamePlay Guide on Block Dash

As this map appears in second or last round of the game, 16, or 8 player will be on the field. On start, blocks will swipe the whole plank only a gap will appear in the block though which you have to pass. When you pass one block the next will appear with a different alignment and some space to escape from it and stay on the plank.

With time you will experience a full wall of blocks swiping the player from the plank, In that case you have to search for a block with cracks on it. By punching blocks with cracks will burst and you will get a chance to escape from sweeping.

In final stages you will see small block you have to jump on them. Next, you will see full wall of blocks with no cracked blocks. Again jump over the wall of the full blocks wall. Here, most of the players fall. Only few players will remain on board. While crossing the blocks, don’t touch the lasers on left and right side.


If you are one of those millions of player who want to play in this map again and again, Infinite Block Dash is for you. As, this map is very challenging you need to do a lot of practice to won matches here. Unlike other maps there is no stumbling and push and pull forces appear.