Change Stumble Guys Private Server APK

Stumble Guys Private Server APK

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Stumble Guys Private Server APK
kitka Games
Android 5+
March 7, 2024

Stumble Guys is one of the popular mobile games of 2023. The Kitka Games maintains multiple servers in different locations to manage millions of players. Stumble Guys Private Server APK locations include Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and India. For a better experience, you can use user your nearest server. Sometimes, switching servers to reduce ping is a good strategy.

To change the server location, you must navigate to the lobby’s right side. There you have to scroll down and locate the server region. The default server location is your nearest server. You can see your current server below the server region tab. To change the server, tap on the “Change” option. A popup will appear with all possible server locations available to you. Tap on any of the servers you want to go with.

Change Stumble Guys Private Server APK

Is Stumble Guys Private Server a Different APK

Many people think that a different APP is available with a private server. That’s not true; stumble guys have only one APK, and there is no other version of it for android. Some people use mods as their own choice. IRGI Terbaik stumble guys APK is one of the top mods of this game. Even using mods can’t provide any private server.

If you already have the official stumble guys APP, you don’t need to download this one, as we also provide the official APK file. Those struggling with server issues are advised to change their server location.

Changing the server may change the opponents. If you are in the Europe server, the game will add the player to your lobby from Europe. If you change the server to North America, you will be paired with the same server users. Using a far-away server can increase the ping and may slower the game. For some players using a VPN with a different server is a good option if you want to change your server.

Pros and Cons of Using Different Stumble Guys Servers

Changing the server is not a good decision in stumble guys. However, some people found it helpful. A common myth is a high ping is always due to server location, but that’s not true. Different issues can cause higher ping to stumble guys. Always use the nearest server if you want a stable connection with low ping.

Sometimes, a server can cause high ping issues; when you find no other solution to higher ping, change your server location. If possible, use a VPN and connect to the same region. This will possibly reduce the server issues. Server change can reduce or increase bots in stumble guys match.


The Stumble Guys Private Server APK is not much different than the official one. Stumble guys allow you to choose the server of your choice. Even you can switch the server from one to another. Currently, this game manages seven servers, including India, Europe, and America.

The process of changing servers is quite simple. You need to go to settings and can change the server from the locations tab. We at this platform bring you simple and informative stuff related to stumble guys. Your suggestions are helpful to us. Please share your thoughts with us through the comment section.