Playing Stumble Guys APK on PC

Stumble Guys PC APK

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Stumble Guys PC
Stumble Guys
Windows 10, 8, 7, 11
February 15, 2023

After a long wait, the Stumble Guys PC APK version is available for download. The latest version of this fantastic game is also available for PC. How to download and install stumble guys on pc? What are stumble guys pc controls, and how to play SG on your Personal Computer? All the solutions to the above question are resolved in this article.

Stumble Guys is a game full of thrill and amazing steps to take in every round. This physics-based game was launched by Kitka Game in 2020. Sep in 2022, the game is acquired by Scopely. From the very beginning, the game was getting massive downloads. Only mobile users were playing the game as this game is a mobile-first video game.

Now the question is can we play stumble guys on PC? Yes, you can play stumble guys on your PC. Either its operating system is windows 7 8, or even if you are using windows 10 and onwards, you can play this smashing game.

Download Stumble Guys PC APK

The downloading, installing, and even playing this game on PC is quite different from on mobile. This step-by-step guide will help you till you win your first round of this game on your PC. For using APPs on the computer, we need an emulator. In this case, we will use an emulator called BlueStack. For Android devices, you can get Irgi Terbaik stumble guys APK from our site.

Download Stumble Guys PC APK

Install emulator on PC

  • Visit
  • Here you will find two versions of this software, Go with Bluestack 5.
  • The next part is to install the file like we usually do.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file and select open.
  • Windows will appear with the permission allow button. Click let to proceed.
  • Here you will see a new popup containing a bluestacks banner with a “Install Now” button.
  • Now it will start downloading the necessary files. Several downloads will begin from time to time. Just wait for its completion.
  • After that, It will extract the files and begin installing them files. You will see several shortcuts on the desktop during this process.
  • On completion, you will see three shortcuts on the desktop.
  • Go with blue stacks 5 and open it.

You have completed one part of this downloading stumble guy PC APK. We have successfully downloaded and installed the emulator on our PC. The next part is to download APK for PC and install it on your emulator to play this game on your computer.

Download Stumble Guys MOD for PC

Now here it’s up to you whether you will download the original version or want to try Stumble Guys MOD for PC. Suppose you want to go with the official version. You need to launch bluestacks. Here you will see the play store app already installed. Login into your play store accounts and download the game. Here will discuss how to get the MOD version for PC in steps.

  • Visit
  • Locate the Stumble Guys PC APK and click on it.
  • You will get the whole APP details and a button to download it.
  • Click on Download Button.
  • You will get the APK in your downloads folder.
  • Right-click on the APK and click on open with bluestack.
  • Wait till bluestacks install the file. When the installation is complete, you will see the icon of the APP on the blue stacks dashboard.
  • Open the game by clicking on the icon. It will ask you to allow permit drawing over other apps.
  • Go back and launch the Stumble Guys. Here it will ask you to put the key. Copy the Key mentioned below in this article.
  • Put the key in the field and click on Log in. Check the remember me an option; otherwise, you will have to visit our site to get the key every time.

Key to Log in

The key to login into this game is constant for a single version. Till the next version, you can use this key. On the changelog, you have to visit this page to get the updated key and version of the game. The key for this version is available on the get key button on the homescreen of the mod app.

Stumble Guys PC Controls

The stumble guys PC controls are straightforward. What includes W, A, X, and D for the hero’s movement and space for Jump? I have briefly explained every key’s function in the game and how to use it.

  • SPACE: The “space” key on the PC is used to jump into the game.
  • W: Our keyboard’s “W” character is used to move your hero forward.
  • A: The character “A” support the left movement. If you want to move to the left side, you must press “A.”
  • S: While playing the game, if you want to move back. In some situations, we have to move back. “S” on the keyboard is the key you can press to move backward.
  • D: The rest location is to move the right side. With the help of the “D” key on the keyboard, you can move your avatar in the right direction of the screen.
  • C: During the match, if you want to chat, the “C” character on your keyboard is the right option.
Controls of Stumble Guys APK on PC


Playing Stumble Guys on PC is a great idea. If you are a windows user, you are one step away from playing this game on your Computer. Whether you are a windows 11 user or windows 7, this APP is for you. Windows 10 users can also use the same Application and APK to run this game on the system.

Initially, you have to download the emulator. Then scroll up and on the top download button is available. Get the APK file by clicking on the download button. All you need to do is follow our installation guide mentioned here above. For your ease, we have mentioned the key to log in to the game. Grab the key and enjoy the game. If you are facing hurdles, let us know in the comment section.