Infinite Block Dash

Infinite Block Dash

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Infinite Block Dash
Kitka Games
Android / Windows
August 5, 2023

Infinite Block Dash MOD for stumble guys has something unique than other mods. The craziest feature of this MOD is when you enter the game you will land on block dash stage of the game. It looks like this mod is for practice purposes. As we know this stage is one of the hardest maps of the game. On launch you will feel an environment like a tournament. This could be the best training room for the Clans of stumble guys. Plays want to select maps of their own choice. Even different plays want to do some practice before enter into the game. This was the basic purpose of this mode.

The official stumble guys team should think about it. Why should one need to use mod for training purposes? Can’t the original app provide an environment to play a test game. Infinite Block Dash stumble guys mod is just an example, many other mods are also created just to add some simple features. The Kitka company should try to reach forums like ours to know the requirements of the players.

Stumble Guys Infinite Block Dash Download

When first appear on the internet, this MOD was available for PC only. That time, you would require a PC and download the files and run into it. No emulator was required to Run Stumble Guys on PC. Later on, the File was added as APK which can be installed on Android device. Even low end devices using android 5 can install this and play the game. The game mod was available till V38 of the stumble guys. After that no new released was made from the developer. The PC version and also the APK file was reported cause of account ban.

However we have added an old version of this mod. You can download v38 of the Stumble guys infinite block dash APK. Keep in mind that you may lose your account if used this mod. Its possible that when you are reading this Post the MOD may not be working anymore. If this is the case please let us know through comment section and we will remove the file. Do we have any alternatives to this? Yes we do have.

Infinite Block Dash MOD apk

Alternative to Infinite Block Dash

If you are mod lover and want to try some stumble guys mods. I suggest you to check irgi terbaik stumble guys apk. This mod apk is 99% secured as compare to other mod for this game. Furthermore, this will unlock all the skins. You can get unlimited gems and tokens of stumble guys through this modified version.

Other possible alternative to this can be a discord server. I will enlist some discord servers that are especially made for the infinite block dash. Basically, they create a room and share the key on the discord group. You can use this key to join the room and you will directly land on the block dash map. This is much much better ways than using a mod. The bonus point of this technique is you can use original stumble guys APP and your account. However, This method is recommended by our team.

Infinite Block Dash Discord Links



Infinite Block Dash Mod of stumble guys is an old version mod. This mod is designed to land player every time on a single map called block dash. There are some great recommendation as an alternative to this MOD. That’s why we don’t suggest you to get download this APK. Both the PC and mobile version are full of risk. Follow any of the above method to get same privilege to practice stumble guys on a specific map.