Is Stumble guys AI Bots

Most of the Battleground games are both AI and real player based. 100% real players in every game is not a fantastic idea. Every top video game includes some bots in matches. The primary reason to add ai bots is to complete the team to start the game quickly. Many people are confused about whether Stumble Guys ai bots based or all the players in the game are real players. Well, the answer to this question is not very straightforward. Let’s dig into it.

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Stumble Guys Game Nature

Stumble guys is a royal battleground game. Thirty-two players can take part in the game. When a player presses the Play button, an estimated time to start the match appears in the lobby. During this time, stumble guys wait and let players join the lobby. In a given time, if all 32 players didn’t join the lobby, they added some bots to complete the team and start the match. If your rank is low in stumble guys, the bots participating in the game will perform like you. There is a chance for you to win the crown easily. If your rank is higher in stumble guys, you will face bots with higher capacity to win the match.

Most bots do not qualify for the second round in matches with low-level users. You can beat bots in stumble guys, if you make a little effort. The number of bots in one match depends on the time concerning server location. If you want to play the game with bots, choose a time when fewer real people play the game. You can try playing games during office time, late at night, and earlier mornings. To avoid bots in your lobby, try to play the game during less busy hours.

List of AI Bots in stumble guys match

How to Check total Bots In a Stumble Guys match

Well, there is an effortless way to check the number of bots in the match. Follow the below-mentioned steps and get accurate bot details in your game.

  1. Launch the stumble guys app
  2. Tab on the Play button
  3. In the lobby, start rotating the controller of the game.
  4. A text will appear with all the stats of the game,
  5. Check the bot count from the list, and you will find how many bots are playing with you in a stumble guy’s game.

How to be paired with bots

You must create a party if you want to play games with bots. Yes, At the party, only real people will be the players you invited; all others will be bots. Be sure that sometimes bots play well and can win matches more than humans. The advantage of bots is they somehow appear near the winning point. This might be a glitch in stumble guys. To avoid bots, you need to play on a busy server and also don’t go to parties. A deficient number of bots in busy servers appear because the real human player fills the lobby at a given time.


You may face bots in every match in Stumble Guys. There is a specific time when the number of bots increases. A busy server may not allow bots to join the game. The number of bots in a game depends on the number of real human players entering the lobby for a match. Not only stumble guys, but every video game has bots that act like real players.