Stumble guys help

A few days ago. I click on a skin mistakenly. Unfortunately, my action was processed, and I accidentally bought a Stumble Guys skin. After a considerable struggle, I got a refund, and my account got a royal pass. You might be one of those who face the same issues. Here in this blog, I will explain how you can reach the stumble guys help center.

How to Contact Stumble Guys Technical Team

Stumble guys is one of the games which are very responsive and helpful. I have never seen such a responsive technical team during my career as a gamer. Email and tickets and stumble guys provide you with a live chat option where a natural person will help you. We see annoying bot responses on live chats but here, a real person only. And that person is amicable and will help you until your problem is solved.

To seek help, you need to go to the stumble guys Helpshift portal. On the right top, you will see a chat icon; open it by clicking. Here it will ask some questions to redirect you to the right person. First, it will ask for your name, email address, and in-game username. After that, it will ask you about the operating system you use with Stumble guys. The next thing, a list will appear with different questions. You have to select Purchase Issues & Refund Requests. Then write your query briefly until a support member seems to help you.

Stumble guys help live chat

Explain the issue, and your problem will be resolved within a short time. Not only the help center of stumble guys is limited to. But you can also get seek help regarding the following.

  • Account Help
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Purchase Issues & Refund Requests
  • Report Technical Issues/Bugs
  • Gameplay Questions
  • Missing Items/Rewards
  • Feedback/Something Else

Other ways to contact Stumble Guys

The Stumble guys offer help through different forums; even you can get in touch with the game help agents through social channels. The easiest way to get them is through Twitter. The official Twitter handler of stumble guys is @StumbleGuysGame. If you are playing the game on steam, you can also get help through their support, explained earlier in this article and through social media. You can send them an email on their official email enlisted by Kitkagames [email protected].

Here I want o make sure that if you are using Stumble Guys Mod or stumble guys for PC mod, you will never get any support from the official. To seek support for mods, you can contact us. We would love to help your sort out your problem, and the modifiers might also monitor you through this site so that you will get help from here.


If you want to contact stumble guys officials for any query, including a noheart purchase. You are in the right place. To get the technical team, you must navigate to their official support center links above. Another way to contact stumble guys is through social media. Twitter is one of the best platforms for this purpose. For mod users, this site is the only platform to get support. Comment your problem below, and we will get back to you with a solution.